Winter home energy saving tips

Posted on 20th December 2018 by Ryan Sloan

We’re now well into the winter months and we’re all trying to keep warm in our homes. Here are a few tips to help you stay warm, save energy and save money.

Look for draughts

Check over your home for hidden draughts, and block any gaps at the bottom of doors with draught excluders (or alternatively use rolled up blankets) to stop the warm air getting out and the cold air getting in. Always keep your room doors closed to keep the heat in – this will save you money and you’ll use less energy.

For windows, you can also use draught excluders. These come as a sealant or insulating strips.  Remember to close your curtains and blinds at night as this will keep your room cosier, especially if your windows aren’t double glazed.

Warm air can also escape through gaps in the floor, so make sure you seal any gaps up using a sealant, or even bits of rolled up newspaper which can be removed once winter is over and spring begins to roll in.

Lastly, be sure to block up your chimney if you have one, but remember, don’t cover air vents as you need these to ventilate your home.


Insulate your home

Make sure your home is well insulated. It is estimated that around a quarter of your home’s heat escapes through a non-insulated roof. You should not only insulate your roof, but also the walls and under the floorboards. 


Heating: boiler and radiators

Always remember to get your boiler serviced yearly as this will make it run more effectively. Don’t forget to bleed your radiators on a regular basis as trapped air can make your radiators less efficient. Try not to put furniture directly in front of your radiators, and don’t put clothes on top of them because these will absorb the heat causing less of it to spread throughout the room. Save energy by drying your clothes on a clothes rack rather than using a tumble dryer.


Heating bills

You can save around 10% on your heating bills if you reduce room temperature by 1°C. To save energy, keep your heating at a lower consistent temperature rather than routinely turning it on and off when you get too hot or cold.

Investing in a warm throw will not only look nice over your bed or sofa, but can also serve as an extra blanket in bed or as a warm cover when sitting watching TV. Using this before turning your heating up will save you money on your heating bills too.

It’s also a good idea to check out the comparison websites once in a while to ensure you are getting the best deal possible from your gas or electricity suppliers.


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