Fife Food for Fife Folk Product List

Posted on 5th June 2018 by kitty


Choose from one of our set, seasonal veg boxes – full of the best, seasonal Fife produce and great value or choose the produce you want from the list below to create your own bespoke box.

Drop into our High Street Hub to order what you want in person or email your order to

Fresh local produce from Fife

Set seasonal and ethical veg box – choose from:

  • Falkland box – £6 per box
  • Pittormie box – £6 per box – UNAVAILABLE IN JUNE

Seasonal produce from Falkand Kitchen Farm

Mixed salad – £1.69 per 120g bag

Spring greens – £1.39 per bunch

Beetroot – £1.49 per bunch


Seasonal produce from Pittormie Fruit Farm

Rhubarb – £1.75 per 500g

Strawberries – choose from 400g plastic punnet for £2.15 or 400g recyclable cardboard punnet for £2.25                          

Frozen strawberries – £6.31 per kg bag

Frozen raspberries – £6.31 per kg bag

Frozen redcurrants – £7.48 per kg bag

Frozen worcesterberries – £8.63 per kg bag

Frozen tayberries – £8.63 per kg bag

Cut and come again salad pots – £1.65


Herb pots – all £1.39 each:

  • Sage – variaties available: Icterina, gold, and tricolour
  • Rosemary – variaties available: Haifa and barbecue
  • Thyme – variaties available: Rainbow falls, Doone valley, Peter Davis, silver posie, creeping red, gold, and lemon
  • Saturega fragrant beauty
  • Oregano – variaties available: Greek, variegated, supreme, hot and spicy, and white charm
  • Marjoram – variaties available: sweet
  • French tarragon
  • Mint – variaties available: grapefruit, lime, apple, silver, pinapple, spear, curly, basis, chocolate, and Indian trailing
  • Lemon balm
  • Celery leaf
  • Lavendar – variaties available: Munstead, Hidcote, and lesbleus thierry

Store-cupboard goods

Product Brand Size Price
Apricots – whole organic unsulphured  Greencity  1kg  £9.60
Dates – pitted organic fairtrade Greencity 1kg £7.79
Figs – organic Greencity 1kg £11.10
Mixed vine fruit – organic Greencity 1kg £6.27
Pitted prunes – organic Greencity 1kg £12.82
Raisins – organic Greencity 1kg £5.06
Sultanas – organic Greencity 1kg £4.83
Oats – Jumbo organic Grampian 3kg £4.98
Oats – Porridge organic Grampian 3kg £5.12
Bulgar wheat – organic Greencity 1kg £2.82
Couscous – wholewheat organic Greencity 1kg £3.26
Pot barley grain – organic Greencity 3kg £5.19
Popcorn – organic Greencity 1kg £3.34
White basmati rice – organic Greencity 1kg £4.20
Brown long grain rice – organic Greencity 1kg £3.62
Sunflower oil – organic Essential 5 lt £18.17
Linseeds – brown organic Greencity 1kg £3.39
Linseeds – golden organic Greencity 1kg £3.85
Omega seed mix – organic Greencity 1kg £5.18
Pumpkin seeds – organic Greencity 1kg £5.87
Sesame seeds – organic Greencity 1kg £5.18
Sunflower seeds – organic Greencity 1kg £3.16
Almonds – flaked organic Greencity 1kg £21.05
Almonds – ground organic Greencity 500g £9.49
Almonds – whole organic Greencity 500g £8.97
Brazil nuts – whole organic Greencity 500g £15.30
Cashew nuts – whole organic Greencity 1 kg £18.98
Coconut – medium desiccated organic Greencity 1 kg £6.73
Hazelnuts – whole organic Greencity 1 kg £14.49
Walnuts – halves organic Greencity 1kg £19.09
Mung beans – organic Greencity 1kg £4.49
Butter beans – organic Greencity 3kg £13.62
Chickpeas – organic Greencity 3kg £10.87
Chickpeas – organic Greencity 1kg £2.24
Haricot beans – organic Greencity 3kg £7.94
Aduki beans – organic  Greencity  3kg  £8.80
Dark speckled lentils – organic Greencity 1kg £5.23
Red lentils – organic Greencity 1kg £3.74
Red kidney beans – organic Greencity 3kg £8.80
Soya beans – organic Greencity 3kg £6.10
Yellow split peas – organic Greencity 3kg £7.42
Tinned tomatoes – organic x 4 Essential 400g x4 £2.84
Tomato puree – organic Suma 200g £1.08
Wholewheat penne pasta -organic La Bio Idea 500g £1.10
Wholewheat spaghetti pasta -organic La Bio Idea 500g £1.10
Wholewheat linguine pasta -organic La Bio Idea 500g £1.10
Oats milk – organic Oatly 6x1lt £8.56
Deluxe museli – organic Greencity 1kg £3.97
Green olives – pitted organic Sunita 1.8kg £11.21
Kalamata olives – pitted organic Sunita 2kg £13.92
Sundried tomato halves – organic Greencity 1kg £12.13

Looking for something that’s not on the list? Just ask, and we’ll see if we can find what we’re looking for!

Please note, that due to these prices reflect the real cost price value, and so are subject to change.

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