What is happening at Ravenscraig Walled Garden

Posted on 5th July 2018 by Tony Carter

The new wildflower border

Back in April there was a large brown strip in front of a ugly blank wall. Then some GK volunteers got to work and made a beautiful path whilst some others did some wildflower planting.

It looks so much better now that we can walk on a nice gravel path and the border is planted up with wild flowers and herbs but we now need more volunteers who can tell the difference between dandelions and poppies to maintain and improve the border!


In the orchard

The recent hot weather has been great for sunbathing etc. but it is not so good for the fruit trees, so some of the volunteers have been working hard making sure the trees are not going thirsty.  Six volunteers used wheelbarrows and watering cans to give each of the 75 trees at least two cans of water each.

Hopefully this will make sure that we will have enough apples for the upcoming cider making workshop in September when Geoff will show that you do not have to rely exclusively on cider apples to make some delicious cider. Here are some of the volunteers in action.


Would you like to learn a bit more about looking after your own fruit trees?  Andrew Lear will be back at Ravenscraig Walled Garden to give a “Summer Pruning Workshop” on 21st July demonstrating how to prune plum and cherry trees, and also when it is useful to give your apple trees a summer prune.


A great lunch

After a morning of hard work, Jimmy was cooking pizzas in the wee oven for us all to enjoy at lunch.  We had pizza dough made by Jackie, some tomato passata, cheese and veg from the garden.


If you would like to join the gardeners, you can contact Geraldine on 01592 858458, email geraldine@greenerkirkcaldy.org.uk or have a look at our volunteer page. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, we have a wild flower border, an orchard, a polytunnel and raised gardens, and there is always lots to be done.

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