Borrowing tools from the Library of Things

Posted on 23rd July 2017 by Wendy

Have you seen the Library of Things at the Greener Kirkcaldy High Street Hub? Loads of garden and DIY tools you can borrow like you would a book from a library. But the best thing? It’s free!

I have some leftover tiles that I have been wanting to break up and turn into a mosaic for a while. I didn’t want to purchase equipment to do this as I knew I would only use it once and then it would end up in the back of one of my cupboards! So when I heard about the Library of Things, I took the opportunity to borrow a pick axe and a chisel. It was really easy to borrow – I just called into the Hub, joined as a member (for free) and took the tools away in the same day. They made the job so much easier!


















So how can you borrow tools? Call into the High Street Hub, 254a High Street, Kirkcaldy, Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 4pm, fill in a simple form and bring 2 forms of ID,1 photographic and 1 proof of address. And off you go with your tools – you can borrow them for a week at a time.

Take a look at the range of tools you can borrow:
DIY tools
Gardening tools

For more information, or to request to borrow something, email Kitty on Greener Kirkcaldy also accept donations. Find out more about donating tools here.

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