Green New Year Resolutions 2019

Posted on 20th December 2018 by Steven Whyte

It’s that time again where we make resolutions for the forthcoming year. For 2019, why not make your resolutions green! Need inspiration? Staff and volunteers at Greener Kirkcaldy have shared their very own Green New Year Resolutions.


Suzy, Chief Executive

1. I recently checked my carbon footprint (using the WWF calculator) and found that the biggest part of my carbon footprint is travel – flying for holidays. So my resolution is to fly less. My plan is to make only one return flight in 2019.  I love to travel so this is a good prompt to explore more of Scotland, by train and bike.

2. I’m going to learn to sew, so that I can mend much-loved clothes to keep them going longer and alter things to give them a new lease of life.


Christine, Board Member – Increase the amount of plant-based protein our household eats, and to try out lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes

Geraldine, Community Engagement Team Leader – Find out how to make and experiment with homemade cleaning and hair products every month. I’ll tell you how I get on!


Dianne, Office Manager – Eat one vegan meal a week.


Pat, Board Member – To go an entire year without buying any clothes (excluding underwear).


Julian, Development Worker – Try a Staycation!


Steven, Volunteer – Use reusable bags when shopping.


Rosanna, Development Worker – Take better control of my wardrobe by regularly decluttering clothes I no longer wear, repairing things that are broken and storing things away depending on the season.


Kyly, Clerical Assistant – Switch to using a shampoo bar rather than a plastic bottle and to try to learn to make my own!


Andy, Board Member – To continue making further efforts to actually find a way to correctly recycle used coffee pods.


Lauren, Senior Development Worker – Get out on my bike and cycle more!


Bruce, Project Manager – I recently learned that not all plastic packaging can be recycled so I am planning to reduce my packaging and only buy packaging that can be recycled.


If you’re setting yourself a green resolution this year then we would love to hear what it is!

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