Reduce & Reuse

Times up for plastics?

What can we do to reduce plastic packaging?

Fife Voluntary Action Awards 2018

Our Too Good to Waste project and Cosy Kingdom energy advice service have been shortlisted for this year’s Fife Voluntary Action Awards. Read more about them.

Earth Hour 2018- Lights out, but what next for the planet?

At the end of March this year over 9 million people around the world celebrated Earth Hour. Marco looks at what next in his blog.

Food Waste: why it’s bad

Media Volunteer Bryan looks at the problem of food waste and how we can avoid it.

Earth Day: an end to plastic pollution?

April 22nd was Earth Day. Media Volunteer Marco explores it’s history and campaign to reduce plastic waste in his blog.

Earth Hour 2018

Earth Hour – what is it, why you should take part, and what else you can do. Media Volunteer Marco tells all.

What is Pass it on Week?

10th – 18th March is Pass It on Week. Media Volunteer Bryan explains what this is all about in his blog.

Kirkcaldy Reuse and Repair Guide

We’ve recently updated our guide to where you can get things fixed, buy second hand, sell or donate in Kirkcaldy.

Recycle your old laptops, smartphones and tablets!

Do you have old laptops, phones or tablets that you would like to recycle? We’re collecting items for the Edinburgh Remakery.

January Declutter

Now is a great time of year to declutter your house. Media Volunteer Steven shares his top decluttering tips in his blog.