Reduce & Reuse

Earth Hour – why should I turn out my lights?

Saturday 25th March 8.30pm is Earth Hour – read all about it, and how you can get involved in Media Volunteer Jane’s blog.

Pass it on Week

11th – 19th March is Pass it on Week. Media Volunteer Wendy tells us more in her blog.

The Library of Things – why should I borrow and not buy?

Ahead of the launch of our Library of Things, Media Volunteer Jane tells us why we should borrow instead of buying.

Library of Things – Gardening tool catalogue

Looking for a gardening tool to borrow? Browse our catalogue of gardening tools currently available through the Library of Things.

Library of Things – DIY tool catalogue

Looking for DIY tools to borrow? Browse our catalogue of DIY tools currently available through the Library of Things.

Sew and Repair Classes Blog

New Media Volunteer Justine joined us after coming along to one of our programmes of Sew and Repair Classes. She shares her experience of the classes in her first blog.

Donations of tools wanted for our Library of Things

Give your DIY and gardening tools a good home by donating them to our Library of Things.

Tip of the Week

When you’ve finished with your clothes, furnishings and textiles, swap, upcycle or donate them. Fabric has a large carbon footprint, but many charity shops will take in fabric for ragging, so no fabric needs to go to landfill.

Tip of the Week

Transform left-overs from your Burns Night Supper into stovies or extra special pasties, and Chinese New Year left-overs into arancini, burgers or patties.

Tip of the week

We have £30 billion of unworn clothes sitting unworn in our wardrobes, so why not have a clear out this January to re-discover old favourites and donate what you no longer need or want.