Car sharing: why it’s benefical

Posted on 26th July 2018 by Bryan Duncan

Getting from A to B seems much simpler when you can drive a car. You’re not dictated by train and bus timetables, so you can leave the house whenever it suits. Getting to rural areas is much easier too when there’s no public transport.

However it is not always plain sailing (or driving for that matter!) Rush hour is a commuter’s worst nightmare, and because driving by car is a popular method by many, it continues to cause traffic congestion and much stress. Unless you live in a world where every commute is like the opening scene of La La Land, it’s not exactly pleasant.

The UK certainly isn’t all song and dance – it’s the world’s 10th most congested country, with London being Europe’s most gridlocked city after Moscow. It also impacts the environment.Transport is the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions, and vehicles on the road account for one-fifth of the EU’s total emissions.This contributes overall to the problem of climate change. Air pollution also has a long-lasting effect on humans, even causing death. Tiny particulate matter can reach into our nostrils and can’t be filtered out, even venturing into our blood stream and affecting our hearts and cardiovascular system. Therefore too much pollution in the air is very dangerous.

While taking public transport – so that there’s less cars on the road – can potentially tackle these problems, driving a car is the only solution for some, particularly for disabled people and those who can’t get a bus easily to their workplace.

Therefore car sharing can be a good alternative if you want convenience and also help the environment. It reduces the amount of cars on the road, so there’s less traffic congestion too, reduces waiting time, results in shorter commutes and can save money! It’s also a chance to meet new people and build working relationships with colleagues. Naturally less cars means less emissions entering the atmosphere, plus the air is cleaner for all, resulting in less health problems.

Car sharing isn’t just a fad seen in a Peter Kay sitcom. Businesses take it very seriously, and are encouraging colleagues to car share as part of their responsibility to be greener. Lots of workplaces have a car share scheme you can sign up to. Usually it’s met with great success. If there’s no scheme in place though, you can always sign up to sites such as Liftshare (there’s a group dedicated to Fife) or GoCarShare. You can also just ask your workmate of course!

Car sharing can be greener and cheaper, but it’s also good for your mental and physical health. Less stress, new friends, you get home in a sensible time, and you’re saving the planet. That’s something to sing and dance about!

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