What do Greener Kirkcaldy do?

Posted on 5th September 2018 by Steven Whyte

Since 2009, Greener Kirkcaldy have been committed to working to benefit local people and the  environment. One of our aims is to help tackle climate change. This year, we have seen massive evidence of climate change in Scotland, with extreme weather from heavy snowfall, to extremely warm and dry periods.

Energy Saving

Our Cosy Kingdom energy saving advice service helps people stay warm and save their money. Our energy advisors help people find practical and affordable ways to use and save energy.

It may not be obvious but there is a direct connection between the energy you use and the environment. By taking just small steps to reduce the amount of energy you use, you will reduce your carbon emissions and help contribute to a much healthier world. So while our Cosy Kingdom service helps you in your home and helps your wallet, they are also helping tackle climate change.

Growing Your Own

We have many growing activities going on throughout the year at our training garden and orchard at Ravenscraig Walled Garden. Our volunteers grow food onsite, which is helping nourish the soil. Growing your own food also cuts down on car use going to the shops and avoids food being imported from miles away.

By growing your own food, you can help reduce the carbon emissions that are associated with air freight and other methods of transportation. Growing your own produce is the green way to save time, money and energy. You and your family can share the healthy tasks of maintaining a plot and enjoy your homegrown produce together, safe in the knowledge that you are eating the best and healthiest produce available while you do your part to keep the environment safe and clean.


Our Transport Project – “Gear Change to Tackle Climate Change” aims to inspire and support people to reduce their car use for short journeys. We have a range of different events which include –

  • Fuel efficient driver training
  • Information events and test drives of electric and hybrid cars
  • Cycle training
  • Bike maintenance workshops
  • Group Walks

By leaving the car at home to go to the shops or the gym, you are getting more exercise and becoming healthier, but also helping the environment. The emissions from cars contribute to poor air and water quality so cycling to work, walking to the shops or taking public transport to meet a friend could make a big difference.


Our Waste Project works with our community to reduce waste more by reducing, reusing and repairing. Our waste and repair events include –

  • Computer maintenance classes
  • Sew and repair classes
  • Furniture repair workshops
  • Waste awareness events

You can also have a read of our updated Reuse and Repair Guide.

Woman’s hands working on sewing machine.

By upcycling or fixing your computers, clothes and furniture instead of just going out and buying new ones and throwing the old ones away you can greatly reduce carbon emissions. By recycling more you will reduce the amount of waste in landfills and can save a lot of energy in the process.


Our Food Projects offer everyone chance to eat good, healthy and sustainable food. Our food and cooking events, workshops and courses include –

  • Basic cooking skills programmes
  • Local and Seasonal Food Workshops
  • Food Waste Workshops
  • Local and Seasonal veg boxes

As well as being healthy and saving you money, cooking from scratch, eating local and seasonal food, and reducing food waste can have a big impact on the environment. The food we waste in our households creates 1.7 million tonnes of CO² each year. Stopping this waste is equivalent to taking around 475,000 cars off the road in terms of cutting emissions according to Natural Scotland.

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