Help people keep warm this winter

Posted on 26th October 2018 by Bryan Duncan

As winter approaches and it gets colder outside, we all rely on heat in the house to keep us warm throughout the chilly season. Unfortunately, not everyone has this luxury, and a lack of heating can result in serious illness and even death. Fatalities in Scotland during winter have hit their highest level in 18 years.

According to figures from 2014-2017, one million people in Scotland are living in poverty each year. In Fife, more than 17,000 youngsters are living in poverty, while 35% of households in Fife as classed as living in fuel poverty.

Age can also make can make a person vulnerable to the winter season. Elderly people are affected the most, with lots of winter deaths being caused by influenza and pneumonia. Around 80% of winter deaths last year were among those aged 75 or older.

As figures and stories show, this is a problem is which not getting better by the year. That is why it’s important to support #HelpFuelFifeFolk, an initiative by Greener Kirkcaldy and St. Andrews Environmental Network. We’re asking for your donations to help provide vital measures such as low-energy electric heaters and thermal curtains for those in need. Any donation, large or small, will help keep people warm this winter.


To find out more about how to keep warm in winter, visit these sites:

Age Scotland Housing and Energy

Greener Kirkcaldy Warm Homes

St Andrews Environmental Network

NHS – Keep warm, keep well

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