Gentle on the clutch: how fuel efficiency driver training can help you

Posted on 6th July 2018 by Marco Caira

For most of us, driving is an important part of our lives, one that is expensive on your wallet and the environment, with transport accounting for 26% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.

I decided I wanted to drive my car in an environmentally efficient way, so I decided to take part in Greener Kirkcaldy’s free fuel efficient driver training. It was superbly easy and only took a swift 50 minutes in total. On 8th June, I pitched up to the High Street Hub for the training. With my trusted teacher, James Coutts, a renowned local driving instructor, we had a quick chat where he explained how the training worked and what was in store for the session.

We then took to the streets in his car, heading off from the prom we passed through St Clair Street, Victoria Road, down through Abbotshall Road and then back to where we started. The intention behind this was for James to measure my performance as an environmentally aware driver. He then told me several key statistics, and talked me through my points for improvement. All the while James gave me many tips about how to reduce my fuel consumption by making simple changes, such as reversing into parking spaces, and rolling down the windows rather than using the car’s air conditioning.


We then set out on a second run, following the same route. It was time to see if I could put into practice what James had taught me, and I am pleased to say that I did.

The course was hugely beneficial for me as a driver, as I can now feel better about spending less money on fuel -since James informed me I could save as much as 6 pence per litre when I go to the pumps – and being more caring towards the environment.

I would fully recommend the session to everyone who reads this, as it is a fantastic initiative which is suitable for all drivers.


Why not take part yourself?

Book a place on Greener Kirkcaldy’s next Fuel Efficient Driver Training day on Friday 27th July¬†and see how much fuel and carbon you could save!

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